Businesses handle print jobs one of two ways, they outsource them or complete them internally. While there are individual reasons for choosing either solution, printing in-house has distinct advantages. With more flexibility and lower cost, internal printing is the better choice.

The Downside of Outsourcing

The major con of outsourcing your print jobs is the cost. Averaging around 30 cents per page, a print shop is an expensive option. There is also the lack of control. If you make a mistake or order the wrong amount of copies, you won’t know until you receive the final product. Outsourcing also leaves you out of the loop when it comes to making timeline decisions. They give you a date and time, but you’re at the mercy of their abilities. Outsourcing can present itself as the most convenient option but comes with plenty of negatives.

How to Master Printing Internally

If you have been outsourcing your print jobs due to the convenience, it’s time to reconsider. A well thought out investment in a high-performance printer can alter your views on high volume print jobs. At about 9 cents per page, you will automatically save on the cost of outsourcing your print jobs. You also gain back the control to make changes to documents where you note discrepancies mid-print job. Completing these projects in-house also eliminates costs associated with shipping and handling fees if they are done outside of the local area.

Using the Right Tools

It’s true that a high-performance printer will help you to print internally. When working with a copier dealer, alert them to your printing needs and your desire to move away from outsourcing. They will be able to help you find the perfect device. To learn more about printers and other available office equipment, call us today.

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