With the extent of technological advancements in today’s business world, people often regard the fax as irrelevant. This is untrue, and the benefits of working with a fax machine can be defined explicitly. Here is why faxing is still relevant.

Immediate Notification

Faxes show up without the need for any action. That means when a document appears it comes directly to your attention. It serves as a notice and reminder to the recipient and is difficult to ignore. The immediate notification makes it more efficient when it comes to completing needed tasks.


Fax machines use telephone lines to operate. Most office systems are affected when wifi or the internet connection goes out, but a fax machine can still perform. Another benefit of a fax machine is if your recipient doesn’t have internet you can still send and receive documents. Faxing also eliminates compatibility issues. Your recipient doesn’t need anything to access your file.


A top reason that companies choose to use fax over email is for security reasons. Email can be intercepted by hackers and information compromised. Fax on the other hand, as a low chance of being caught by hackers. Fax machines aren’t like email servers that people can hack. They are secure for incoming documents and not vulnerable to malware of hidden viruses that are often in email attachments.


Digital signatures are in the process of undergoing validity arguments, and their claim to authenticity may take a while longer. Documents sent through a fax machine with a signature have always been regarded as valid. Industries that require this backed signature, real estate, legal, medical, etc.. all rely on faxed signatures.

Fax keeps information relevant, dependable, safe, and legal. If you’d like to learn how fax can benefit your company, call Yost today!

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