page yield

What is page yield? It is the number of pages you can print with one cartridge. There is a standard for measuring cartridge capacity and includes page coverage. Coverage will be how much of the page has ink on it. Let’s dive deeper into why page yield matters.

Determining Cartridge Page Yields

The listed page yield on a cartridge is an estimate. The reason it’s not an exact number is based on a few different factors. First is content which can vary on if you’re printing color images or black and white text. Take into consideration what types of documents you print when looking at page yield because the color is going to last a lot longer if you never print photos. After that, size and length of the content play a role. You’d be able to print fewer pages if you got lengthy photo essays. Lastly, your print settings will define page yield. Draft mode uses less ink and increases your page count.

Standard VS High Yield Cartridge

Inkjet: If you will be printing at an average or below rate, stick with the standard. You may think a high yield cartridge will save you money in the long run, but you won’t use it up before it drys. High yield is really only for high-volume printers.

Laser: While laser printers mainly belong to high-volume users, they still need to decide between standard and high yield. At home, printing will benefit from a standard cartridge and a business that prints frequently daily will need high yield.

Looking at Page Yields when Shopping

The type of cartridge you buy depends on your printer, or if you’re buying a new printer. When people look at new printers, they consider the upfront cost, but it’s crucial to look at the big picture which includes cartridges costs and how many pages you need to be able to print. To learn more about page yield and the total cost of a printer, contact us today!

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