Founded in 1959 by Willis Yost, Yost Office Systems quickly established a reputation as a reliable and responsive office equipment dealer. Willis stressed the importance of integrity in every transaction and created an environment in which each employee felt valued, treated with respect, recognized for excellence, and challenged to grow personally and professionally. The result was a team of professionals committed to Yost Office Systems; its clients, and the values that ensured their mutual success.
In 1982 Willis Yost retired, but the Yost tradition of excellence was continued by a partnership of key managers. Under their expertise the company expanded beyond southeast Idaho into Utah and by 1995 operated 5 stores in 3 states.
In 1995, Yost Office Systems was acquired by Alco Standard, which later became known as IKON Office Solutions. As Yost was integrated into their corporate structure, key company functions such as billing, consumables distribution and service dispatching were moved to regional centers.
In 1999, several former Yost employees decided that they wanted to return to the customer oriented approach that had been so successful for over 40 years