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If you are still dealing with a mountain of paperwork on your desk, it’s time to reconsider a different solution. Digital storage systems take files and store them in an organized and secure manner making them easily searchable. Here are six reasons to switch to a digital storage system.

1. Capturing

When you want to transition a file from a physical document to digital, you should be able to capture it from any source. Sources can range from scanned pages, emails, and attachments, or other forms of data feeds. The beauty of digital storage is that it should gather, authenticate, and archive your data making it easily searchable.

2. Auto Backups

Digital information is much more secure than paper. When files are solely kept in a filing cabinet, they are left vulnerable to unauthorized users or even a disaster like a fire. On the other hand, when files are stored digitally, they are routinely backed up so that the latest version of the data is saved.

3. Access

A significant benefit of digital storage is the flexibility of access. You can look at documents on a desktop in the office or on your mobile device at home. This allows for collaboration and speeds up production time.

4. Integration

Digital systems can be integrated so that you don’t have to toggle between programs. For example, a Google drive can be download, so if you want to upload a file, you can access it without having to download off your cloud software first.

5. Meeting Compliance Needs

Your digital storage system can also act as a measurement tool. Use insight statistics to measure progress.

6. Secure Storage

One fear that businesses have about digital storage is the safety of their data. There are many safeguards you can put in place to keep your files safe. Authorized users can lock confidential records and can also track who views and edits public documents.

Document storage can improve your business processes and is easy to start using. For more information on implementing this system, call us today!

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