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Printing costs are a significant part of the office budget. Keeping paper and ink stocked as well as associated energy costs can all add up. Here are five ways that you can begin to reduce your paper waste today.

1. Start at the Source

If your company has an excess printing problem, you’re going to have to figure out why. Printing costs can spiral out of control when people aren’t conscientious about their printing habits. Start by creating a printing policy that outlines what is and isn’t acceptable to print. Then you can take more significant steps towards paperless processes.

2. Digitize Your Office

So what are paperless processes? These are tasks that are traditionally completed with paper but can be done digitally. Examples include HR forms, onboarding documents, and meeting agendas. Instead of printing materials that will be edited and reprinted, store them in cloud software for team members to edit and then print the final copy.

3. Sustainable Policies

When you reduce paper costs, you also increase your sustainability. The less you use your printer, the less energy consumes. Printing practices you can use are requiring duplex printing and using a smaller font. This is also a great way to incentivize your employees to print less. When they can see the outcome and that their actions make a difference they’ll be more enthusiastic.

4. Try Print Management

Print management is a service that analyzes your current printing practices and makes recommendations based on strategies to reduce printing. Through policies that change habits and streamlining documents to the appropriate printer, you’ll find that print management makes a beneficial difference.

Cutting printing costs can be done with the help of your entire office. Get everyone on board by explaining the sustainability and collaboration benefits. If your company is looking to implement print management help with reducing the cost of paper, call us today!

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